Thursday, June 22, 2006


From White Rock to Vancouver on $7,500

Well, I'm writing this post to you from 1,500 feet in the air. I chartered a helicopter from my house to the awards show. Thank god for my ipod video. I just finished watching the third season of 'License to Grill' (is there a better bbq show right now? And I swear, if anyone says 'BBQ with Bobby Flay'....).

I am nine minutes into my sixteen minute journey from the sleepy seaside town of White Rock to the city of Vancouver, BC. Once we land, I'll check in with the boys from Sirius Sattelite Radio and give them a blow by blow of the red carpet activities. Is it worth it? Are you kidding me? To see the best hockey players in the world awkwardly gathering in rented tuxedos I'd do this trip twice. Maybe even three times. No...two times is about right.

This is the NHL awards show on a blogger's budget. It just so happens that when you're widely considered the best hockey/bbq blogger on the planet, you have more money than Jesus. For those of you in the lower mainland area of BC, look to the sky for a gold plated chopper. Missed it? Thought so. It's really fast.

But all the money in the world couldn't massage my sore back. Well I could use that money to buy a masseuse (the chopper comes with two), but this isn't about my back, or how many hours of sleep I'll get from now until the awards show is over. This is about life experience. This is about awards. And shows. And who knows how many more years we'll have either of those things.

As I left the house to climb into the chopper, my wife said to me, well, I couldn't hear what she said, but it looked like she was saying how she 'couldn't think of a better father's day present.' Which was a little weird considering that a week has passed since father's day, but I know what her eyes were telling me. They were telling me to write the best damn blog I knew how. I think we can all agree that this is probably amongst the best ever written.

It's funny how your ipod video can sum up a moment perfectly. I'm flying at mach 2 over Vancouver, leaving bald eagles in my wake, and my ipod is playing that awesome acoustic version of CrazyTown's "Butterfly" recorded by Susan Vega.... fierce nipple pierce you got me sprung with your tongue ring and I ain't gonna lie cause your loving gets me high.

You're damn right, CrazyTown.

Absolutely classic.
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