Friday, June 23, 2006


Last Chance...

Just wanted to remind you all that if you sign up for the BBQBB with a liftetime subscription today (0.01698 cents/day), you can still get my draft preview. Actually, it's less of a preview than it is an exact rundown of the draft order...every team, every player, every round.

And since I'm really excited about my draft rundown, I'm offering you something special. If you sign up today for the one time, lifetime package, you can sign up a friend for 50% off the subscription fee. But this offer is only good until the draft tomorrow afternoon. Just a quick rundown of what you get when you subscribe:

-The BBQ Box, a chat room exclusively for subscribers.
- The BBQ Press Pass, a weekly forum where you can chat with hockey writers, and maybe even a player or two (the last chat had over 150 players taking questions).
- Battle Axe podcasts. That's right folks, you can hear the glorious music that is my voice. Each podcast is 30 minutes in length, and covers a wide variety of rumours, both hockey and bbq.
- 15% off everything in the hockeybbqbuzz store. Looking for that perfect bbq related hockey gift for that special someone? Why not buy it here?
- Suck! Cartoon updates.
- And of course, my insiders newsletter.

In related news, I've decided to drop my monthly subscription rate, as most (if not all) have opted for the lifetime subscription. Who could blame them.

Will you accept a cheque that bounces? I don't have any pennies, otherwise I'd pay you on a week to week basis.
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